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Today's Date is 2017-06-22

To sum up , the elephant is a symbol of knowledge, wisdom, immortality and stupidity. Bat

An animal visible in the shadows of the shining moon is the bat - symbol of this week. It appears that the first manmade machine, Luna 2, on the moon in September 1959 or the first human steps on the moon by Neil Armstrong in July 1969, has not made mankind less fascinated by the moon. ) Raiden - god of thunder (rai) and ligtning (den) - is depicted as a red demon with sharp claws beating on a drum to make thunder. zeusThe receding and approaching of thunder is explained by the thunder god Aji-Suki-Taka-Hi-Kone. Raitaro - the thunder baby - was given by Buddha to a peasant called Bimbo in answer to prayer for rain. It seems that all multigod mythologies has one or many thunder gods. Among some native americans the bat is a trickster spirit and Chinese lore claims the bat to be a symbol of longevity and happiness. The most famous modern use of the elephant as a symbol may be the elephant of United States republican party.