I had the decision to decide which team I would choose.

Would I go for the newer brand? or would I choose the more well known brand that had more reviews and better reputation. I think the obvious answer is to choose the better more reputable brand. I often think this is limiting on a persons decision. It is both unfair and unjust. Such large dominating corporations make it extremely difficult for smaller companies to sprout.

Why is it that the majority would make a decision based on anothers opinion? So many people today are influenced by the power of peer reviews whether they be false or true. Such influencing factors sway the customer into making the right decision, which often isn't their own.

People should have the ability to choose their what they truly want. If a person doesn't have the history then they could make a proper decision. To make it a just system will take a long time. How many years before certain companies become so strong?

Its funny that I thought of all this while deciding to buy from the underdog supplement brand called Original Athlete compared to another brand on Amazon. It's no wonder that so many people shop on such a large market place. It literally is the dominating force of the internet. I don't think people understand how people are accessing Amazon's site every second.